January16–19, 2015

On the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

Hurry! Hurry! Step Right Up!

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium is proud to present Carnival! The Queen has decreed that once more, that Most Fantastic Time Machine encased in the Queen Mary, is to be activated again on January 16-19, 2015!!

Our Entertainment is surpassed by none, led by that most distinguished ringmaster himself, THEE BLUEBEARD! We have agents currently scouring the world looking for the finest circus acts to Stun the Senses, Delight the Eyes, and Shock the Mind. Come see the Wandering Minstrels, the 3 Ring Fashion Ensemble Spectacle, the Mystics and Magicians from Far Away Lands!!! See the Strange and Exotic Open your Hearts, your Minds, and your Senses to the Fantastic! Thrill to the Bearded Ladies and Men!

Get your tickets immediately, and check the website often for updates. We will begin posting our Carnivale! acts shortly. It’s Stupendous! It’s Delightful!! It’s Spectacular!

It’s Carnivale!